Working from Home and get paid

Are you tired of sitting around in your spare time and need to make extra money. We would like to show you three websites that will bring in some extra income. 

The first website is VIP Kid is an online english teaching platform which makes education more accessible for all. You can end up making R200 per hour on this platform. You can simply sign up with your email or you can sign up with your Facebook accounts. You can work from home anyway and or any where that you wish. So if your English is pretty good and you are confident you’ll be able to teach it to someone else then you can definitely signup and become and English online teacher.

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The next website you can earn some money on is Testing Time recruits test users for qualitative and quantitative research. They take the weight of recruiting off recruiters or researchers shoulders so that the task of conducting research becomes lighter and thus more regular. This is another great platform on which you can earn some extra money. You can earn up to € 50 per hour and registering is as simple as one, two, three. They pay into your bank account or through PayPal accounts.

Lastly you can earn money on Appen is a technology company that offers the most diverse, scalable training, data labeling and collection options across data types and languages. You can register to become a rater which offers flexible, part-time, home-based work that requires a computer and/or mobile device. Another opportunity to earn extra cash in the comfort of your own environment and all you need is a computer and wifi connection. 

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